First, we find your partner

It always starts with you at Westwood Private Fitness. Steve Jordan, Trainer To The Stars has over 23 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Steve has trained thousands of people including Hollywoods Stars in film, music, business and life. Steve’s keen sense of what a clients needs and wants gives him a unique edge to pair you with one of his expert personal trainers. This trainer will specifically design an exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle program to support your unique goals, passions, and personality.

Second, we make your plan

Real results come from real measurements. Your personal trainer will combine data from your initial 1-hour fitness assessment, with information about your lifestyle to build a program that is specific to you and your goals.

Finally, it’s time to start the work

Your results are not just nice-to-have. They mean everything to us. Your personal trainer will thoughtfully and meticulouslsy increase the challenge of your training to ensure you never reach a plateau, are always making progress, and having fun.

Private 1-on-1 Coaching

We provide results-driven, individualized fitness, and nutrition 1-on-1 coaching whether you are looking to lose weight, improve athletic performance, decrease joint or muscle pain, and enhance quality of living. Our 60 or 30-minute sessions get the results you deserve by burning fat, building muscle, improving balance, coordination, and even help regulate hormones! We have state of the art assessment tools Tanita body composition analyzer and exercise equipment including Power Plate, Keiser, Versaclimber, Rogue Echo Bike, Concept 2 Rower, Ski Erg, and so many more cool fitness toys to help accelerate your results.

PRICING: Starting at $82.50 for 1/2 hr and $165 for 1 hr a session / Contact us to book your 1st appointment or to find out more information, availability, and schedule.

Semi-Private Coaching (2-3 people)

Semi-Private Coaching is an effective way to lose weight, gain muscle and improve your overall fitness with a friend or partner of similar ability and/or goals. With Semi-Private Coaching, you’ll experience the same value as 1-on-1 at an affordable price if you are on a budget.

PRICING: Starting at $65 for 1/2 hr and $125 for 1 hr per person and session / Contact us to find out more information on availability and schedule.

Sport Specific Conditioning

Are you looking to be more active on the court or in the field, play injury free, or keep playing at the highest level of competition? We offer sport specific conditioning programs that will help you compete better, faster, and longer. We have worked with professional and Division 1 athletes that play baseball, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, swimming, boxing, mixed martial arts, and hockey. Our coaches will create a comprehensive program utilizing our performance equipment found in the best sports training centers around the world. Pro athletes appreciate the ultra privacy and focus of care they receive that is unavailable at larger training facilities.

Virtual Fitness Coaching

If time, location, travel, or budget are of concern for you, don’t worry. Our Online Training Fitness Coaching is embracing the online training opportunities to make private fitness coaching convenient and affordable. You will work with one of Online Fitness Coaches to create your personalized fitness plan from the comforts of your home, office or while you travel.

PRICING: Starting at $250 monthly membership / Contact us to find out which Online Fitness Coaching program is best for you and your goals.

Rental Option For Trainers

Are you looking to be in business for yourself? Or are you in need of a private training studio for you and your clients? No sweat! We have the a premium solution and one-of-kind opportunity for you to run and operate your business without the hassle or stress of being a studio owner. We offer competitive hourly, daily, and monthly rental plans.

Inquire here.

Sports Massage Therapy

Did you know that stress is the #1 cause of dis-ease. Whether you know it or not, stress will take a toll on your body and mind, even though your mind and body works hard to keep up, until you breakdown with an illness, pain, or injury. Keeping your mind and body running efficiently should be high on your to-do list and a regular massage (1x week or 2x a month) is key to operating at peak performance. Our Sports Massage Therapy is with a certified massage therapist who utilizes the latest techniques in athletic recovery and injury prevention. We offer 25-50 minute sessions.

PRICING: Starting at $180 per hr / Contact us to schedule and/or find out which Sports Massage Therapy option is best for you.

Corporate Fit

Investing in the wellness of your employees means investing in the wellness of your business. It’s time to give your team a corporate wellness incentive they’ll actually use (and enjoy!).

Engage your employees with Corporate Fit, a health and wellness program that is meant for all fitness levels. Onsite, location, or in our private studio, our dedicated fitness coaches will monitor your employees’ engagement to help you get the most out them in and out of the office.

Each month we will tracking monthly activity to help you understand how your employees engagement is with our Corporate Fit program is, making fitness and wellness the bedrock of your companies culture.

PRICING: To be determined. Call for more information and to discuss the best options.