About Us


WESTWOOD PRIVATE FITNESS is an ultra exclusive haven at the heart of Westwood serving Beverly Hills, Brentwood, BelAir, and the other surrounding neighborhoods. We are located on the NE corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Glendon Ave in the Center West office building. We offer high performance equipment with cutting-edge coaching and unparalleled customer service. Our mission is to motivate, inspire, and educate to turn what you may feel is impossible into possible.

Private Fitness Coaching

Turn your impossible into possible with one of our elite fitness coaches trainers who will motivate, inspire and educate to support your goals, break down barriers, and unlock extraordinary in you. Here are just some of the benefits of working with one of our Private Fitness Coaches:

  • It’s educational
  • Help correct poor form
  • Address your unique needs, wants, and abilities
  • Work with you to set realistic goals
  • Hold you accountable
  • Maximize your time
  • Increase your confidence
  • Improve mental health
  • Break through plateaus
  • Challenge you to be better
  • Establish lifelong health and fitness habits

Have your own coach or need a space to train your clients…no problem. We have studio rental options available by the hour or day. Email us at info@westwoodprivatefitness.com

Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage therapy is your personal recharging and rebooting opportunity to stay injury free, continue to perform at peak levels, and to just feel good. We also offer complimentary Sidmar Hydrotherapy Bed sessions before or after your workout to warm up, cool down, or recover from a stressful day. Need a space to work with you clients? We have rental private massage room rental option.


  • Underground Valet parking : Additional fees apply.
  • Private shower: Keihl’s soap, shampoo, conditioner, & body lotion provided.
  • Premium Towels: For shower and workout.
  • Massage Therapy: By appointment only.
  • Hydro-massage therapy: Indulge yourself in a private and complimentary hydro-massage therapy session using our Sidmar Hydro-Massage bed.
  • Lockers: For daily use only.
  • Cafe on site: Grab a post workout smoothie, snack, breakfast or lunch to fuel your mind and body.
  • Free Wifi: Free Wifi to stay connected when necessary.

Referral Rewards

You show us love, we show you love. Refer a friend and you get $200 credit when they sign up to be used on any of our services.

Your Birthday Gift

• Free private coaching or massage session on the day of your birthday.